Fresh hope for electrification of the Lakes Line

7 April 2019, 06:04

Local MP Tim Farron says plans to electrify the Lakes Line could be back on the table.

Tim recently met with the Rail Industry Association in Westminster at the launch of their new report which shows how electrification schemes can be delivered at half the cost that the Department for Transport had originally estimated.
An investigation conducted by the National Audit Office last year found that electrification projects in the Lake District, Wales and the Midlands were scrapped by the Government due to a lack of available funding.
Tim said: "The Conservative Government's decision to cancel the electrification of the Lakes Line allegedly due to rising costs was a huge blow to our area as well as a broken promise.
"So, the RIA's findings that this could be done much cheaper is great news and puts electrification firmly back on the table.
"This means we can invest in making sure we have those reliable, quick, direct trains from Windermere to Manchester Airport, and all the places in between."