Lancaster MP To Host Brexit Meetings

22 January 2019, 13:19 | Updated: 22 January 2019, 13:25


Cat Smith wants to give voters the chance to have their say

The MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood has organised a number of public meetings on Brexit.
Cat Smith says she wants to give voters in Lancaster, Fleetwood and Over Wyre the chance to have their say.
"Parliament is in deadlock on how to move forward over the arrangements to leave the European Union," said Ms Smith. "There are now more votes coming before Parliament in the coming days and weeks, from leaving without a deal to having a public vote and all the options in between. I want to hear the views of the people of Fleetwood so I can best be Lancaster and Fleetwood's voice in Westminster."
The first meeting will take place on Friday January 25 in Fleetwood at 11am. This will be followed by another public meeting in Knott End at 2pm and a further meeting in Lancaster at 5pm.
"I'm really keen on hearing my constituent's views on what they want to happen next," said Ms Smith. "I hope we can have a productive and respectful dialogue during the meeting despite this being such a divisive issue."