Six Arrests In Theft Gang Crackdown

8 May 2019, 11:03 | Updated: 8 May 2019, 11:05

Police launch witness appeal

A woman from Morecambe's among six people arrested as Lancashire Police try to shut down a criminal gang.

It's believed the group have been responsible for thefts totaling a million pounds over the last year - targeting plant vehicles, ATMs and cash-in-transit.

The woman - and five men from the Bishop Auckland area - have been taken in on suspicion of conspiracy to commit theft.

Police are also currently searching a number of premises in the Durham and Morecambe areas in connection with the investigation.

Detective Chief Inspector Rebecca Smith, of Lancashire Constabulary, said: “Firstly we’d like to thank our colleagues in Durham and Cumbria constabularies for their assistance in the coordinating and planning of today’s activity.

“Today’s arrests are the latest stage of a long running investigation into an organised criminal gang which we believe is responsible for a large number of thefts which have been committed across the north of England in the last year.

“The activities of organised gangs can have a dramatic effect on our communities, causing fear in our neighbourhoods and causing businesses to suffer. We will not stand for this in Lancashire and we hope today’s activity shows our commitment to tackling this type of crime.

“We’d also like to remind members of the public that we rely on their information to make us aware of this type of criminal activity, so that we can investigate and continue to disrupt organised gangs. I would encourage anyone who feels that they have information to get in touch.”