Bucket list wish in Plymouth

24 April 2019, 11:45 | Updated: 24 April 2019, 11:51

A terminally ill cancer sufferer from Plymouth has fulfilled one of her bucket list requests.

Gill Chapman has always wanted to sit inside and have a ride in an Eddie Stobart truck. 

The former Royal Navy Wren had her dream completed at a special event at the Royal Navy dockyard. 

She's part of a Facebook group where former WRENs can speak to each other, give support and help. 

It was there that the idea was first muted when Gill posted about her cancer. 

One or two of the ladies decided they would try and make a difference by trying to get a few of the 'bucket list' items ticked off. 

At first they did not have much luck with Eddie Stobart turning down the request. 

That was until they found the right person to speak to - One phonecall later the response was: 'Anything, for someone in our armed services.' 

That's when the everything was put in motion and Gill had her dream come true. 

Jovial, excited but composed Gill was beyond excited when she first saw the truck. 

A couple of trips around the Devonport Navel base car park in front of the officers mess and her dream had come true.