Babies called Awesome and Adora-Belle

19 March 2019, 14:10


Parents in Scotland think their babies are Awesome and Adora-Belle.

A new list revealing all the names given to children born in 2018 show one boy named Awesome and a girl called Adora-Belle.

They are included in some of the more unusual names given to youngsters in 2018.

The parents of one boy called him Wiseman, while there were two infant girls named Divine.

Four girls share a forename with Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon - but only one infant last year was given the same first name as Prime Minister Theresa May

The list, published by National Records of Scotland, also showed there was a baby boy called Corbyn, as well as a Corbyn Blue, and one who was called Boris.

Meanwhile 30 girls were called Indie, with just one boy given the same name, although there were two boys named Indi, and a boy and a girl named Indy.

Some parents appeared to seek inspiration from nature, with six girls called Raven, three called Lake, and three called Juniper recorded, as well as one Bee, a Berri, a Berrie, and two girls called Forrest.

Other children were given the same names as various places around the globe, including some who share a name with some of Scotland's more remote islands. There were 11 girls born last year called Islay, one called Tiree and one girl called Harris - although there were 294 baby boys given this as a name.

Looking further afield there were three girls called Aspen, two called Dallas and two called Sydney.

There were four boys and one girl called Bowie, which could be a reference to the late singer David Bowie. Meanwhile three boys and one girl were given the name Ziggy, possibly in memory of the Ziggy Stardust, the character the singer created.

Other unusal names chosen for girls included Zuzu, Snow, Sno, Destiny-Dior, Diamond, Rebel and Royalty, while there were boys given the names Prince, Keanu, Atlas, Thor, Odin and Fox.