Post-EU funded projects branded with union flag

3 August 2019, 10:07 | Updated: 3 August 2019, 10:08

EU Flag (Credit: PA Images)

The UK Government wants more of a say on how money to replace EU funding after Brexit is spent in Scotland, the new Scottish Secretary has said.

Alister Jack said the Shared Prosperity Fund, being set up in the place of EU structural funds, will brand projects it pays for with the union flag.

Details of the new fund have not been finalised but Mr Jack told the Scottish Daily Express that UK ministers would want to agree how the money would be spent with the Scottish Government.

Currently, the UK Government has been allocated £17.2 billion of EU structural investment between 2014 and 2020, which ministers have guaranteed to deliver post-Brexit.

Under EU membership, the UK and EU sign a partnership agreement on the direction of the programmes, which are aimed at cutting disparity between EU regions, but the Scottish Government has responsibility for how the money is spent in Scotland.

Mr Jack told the newspaper: "We will be wanting to agree spending proposals and have more direct investment into Scotland."

He denied this would be a power grab and said it would instead be a "collaboration".

Rather than leaving the Scottish Government to "get on with it", it is believed future funding could be based on shared, specific goals.

"It's branding the spending of that money - rather than with the EU flag and a saltire, we will have the union flag and a saltire," he added.

"It's just important that the people see the benefits from being part of the great enduring partnership that is the United Kingdom."