Ed Sheeran paid himself £47k a DAY last year, a whopping £17.1 million in total

2 October 2019, 17:58

Ed's raking in the dough
Ed's raking in the dough. Picture: PA

The star owns multiple companies and raked in tens of millions last year.

Ed Sheeran is arguably one of the country's most successful pop stars of the moment so it's no surprise he's raking in tens of millions a year.

The Take Me Back to London singer has collaborated with everyone from Khalid to Stormzy for his newest album, which will guarantee him a tidy sum for the next few years - but last year ALONE he made £32.6 MILLION though only one business.

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The star isn't short on cash
The star isn't short on cash. Picture: PA

This business only handles the singer's earnings from his songwriting and record sales, and doesn't count any figured made from gigs and touring.

According to his song with Stormzy, Ed, 28, "grossed half a billi' on the Divide tour" - meaning there's at least £500 million left unaccounted for.

Recent figures have shown he had a £19.26 million profit from Ed Sheeran Limited, so it's only fair he treated himself to £17.1 million of it, he did earn it after all.

Ed has his own PUB on his estate called the Lancaster Lock
Ed has his own PUB on his estate called the Lancaster Lock. Picture: PA

That works out at around £47,000 a DAY - we wonder what he spends it all on? A lot of Nando's we can imagine.

His incredible earnings have been invested wisely however, as Ed is the owner of a whopping 22 properties, filling out an impressive portfolio.

He lives on an estate with childhood sweetheart Cherry Seaborn, 27, which includes multiple farmhouses, a huge garage, its own man cave, a pub and a massive gym and pool.