When is Netflix's YOU season 2 released, who's the cast and is there a trailer?

16 December 2019, 16:26 | Updated: 1 April 2020, 08:51

You season 2 will be out very soon and we can't wait
You season 2 will be out very soon and we can't wait. Picture: Netflix

The popular Netflix show which stars Penn Badgely as charming bookseller Joe is back for a second series later this month.

Season 2 of You is back very soon and we cannot wait for the new episodes to drop on the streaming site.

We don't have long to go, as they'll all be on there as of December 26th, the perfect Boxing Day treat for us all and the teaser trailer has already been released.

YOU S2 | Official Teaser | Netflix

Two of the first series' main characters are dead - Beck and Peach - and Joe also killed Ron and Lou for good measure, so who will be replacing the cast?

Seeing as the show's been moved from New York to Los Angeles for S2, there's room for a whole lot of all-new characters.

Love Quinn (played by Victoria Pedretti)

Love is Joe's newest obsession, after he's *ahem* moved on from Guenevire Beck.

According to TVLine, "Unlike her predecessor, she is uninterested in the world of social media, branding and self-promotion, focused instead on leading an interesting life.

"She is also tending to a deep grief - and when she meets Joe, she senses a shared knowledge of profound, life-changing loss."

Forty Quinn (played by James Scully)

Playing the brother of Joe's love interest is James Scully, going by the name Forty Quinn in the series.

Forty Quinn is Love's brother
Forty Quinn is Love's brother. Picture: Twitter

The former Heathers actor has been described as ""confident, opinionated and privileged — at his best, a charming buddy; at his worst, a razor-sharp bully", according to TV Line"

Ellie Alves (played by Jenna Ortega)

Jane The Virgin's Jenna Ortega will be playing Ellie Alves - a teenager who "grew up fast in the big city".

Her character bio adds: "Ellie isn’t afraid to get into murky waters to make a little cash.

The Jane the Virgin star will play a shade teen on the show
The Jane the Virgin star will play a shade teen on the show. Picture: Twitter

"This includes working cons on adults around her, including Joe Goldberg."

Delilah (played by Carmela Zumbado)

Delilah is a bit of a badass character, played by The Wall of Mexico star Carmela.

She realises something is up with Joe, and as an investigative journalist makes it her mission to find out exactly what he is hiding.

Henderson (played by Chris D'Elia)

Comedian Chris D'Elia is playing the character Henderson, who is a comedian described as a "designer-hoodie, black Ray-Bans, expensive sneakers-wearing famous comedian with a 'hard-life-lessons man-of-the-people' thing working for him."

Gabe (played by Charlie Barnett)

Fans of Netflix's mind-bending Russian Doll will be delighted to hear (or not, considering what happened to Peach) that Charlie Barnett - who played the loveable Alan in the series - is playing Love's oldest friend Gabe.

Calvin (played by Adwin Brown)

Heathers' Adwin Brown will also be joining the series. After leaving New York for LA, Joe will be working in a trendy grocery store/cafe called Anavrin, where Adwin's character will be manager.

"They both bond over their love and appreciation of literature and Calvin ends up giving Joe the job," Adwin said.

Lucy (played by Marielle Scott)

According to Deadline, Marielle plays "an edgy-chic literary agent with a deadpan wit and a sense of humour about her own LA-ness".

She's one of Love's best friends as is her partner, blogger Sunrise (played by Melanie Field).

Will (played by Robin Lord Taylor)

Gotham's Robin Lord Taylor is playing Will, a character who "deals with unsavoury sorts as part of his job, but is himself a thoughtful, personable, and highly intelligent guy who marches to the beat of his own drum.

"That is, until he gets trapped in a bad situation," reports Deadline.

Candace (played by Amber Childers)

Ambyr Childers is returning as Joe's MIA ex-girlfriend Candace - but this time in the present, rather than in Joe's troubled hallucinations.

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