Wes Nelson 'in talks' to bag own TV show after Dancing on Ice success

9 March 2019, 11:29

Wes Nelson at the Dancing On Ice red carpet launch at the...
Wes Nelson at the Dancing On Ice red carpet launch at the... Picture: Getty

The Love Island star has reportedly been 'working on a format' for his very own TV show following his stint on the rink

Wes Nelson is reportedly in talks to film his very own TV show after making it to the grand final of Dancing on Ice 2019.

The Love Island star, 20, is set to park his ice skating career to make way for a brand new show that he is currently developing for an unknown channel.

But despite making a name for himself in reality TV, Wes has revealed the project won't follow the same fly-on-the-wall formula.

"I’m having development meetings next week. I’m not saying who with but it’s for my own TV show. We’re working on a format right now," he explained.

"It’s not reality-based, it’s more about me doing something a bit more serious as well as keeping in touch with my jokey, happy, silly side.

“There could be elements of my engineering within it — but I’m not giving away the format. It’s a really exciting one, I’m looking forward to getting involved and you seeing it.”

But a new-style TV show isn't the only potential career path for 20-year-old Wes.

In an interview with The Sun, he revealed that he had been speaking with fellow Dancing On Ice star, Westlife singer Brian McFadden, about music.

"I’ve caught the performance bug now. When you finish a routine, you get that overwhelming feeling," he said.

“Performing is so enjoyable and I see why everyone loves it now. I sang on Love Island but producers never showed it because of copyright reasons. We were singing all the time.

“I’ve been speaking to Brian’s label and they had a meeting with me but for now just ice skating. It would be R&B and pop.”

Wes, who will be going up against fellow contestants Saara Alto and James Jordan in the Dancing on Ice 2019 final this Sunday, says winning the trophy would be the ‘the cherry on the cake’ in his recent skating run.

"It would be the best feeling," he told press.

"Being in the final in general is an honour and we’ve had an amazing time. To get all the way through and be in the process for as long as possible has been an absolute pleasure.

"And then to finally win it, that’s sort of that golden star that everyone wants in the end.

"The memory is never gonna go anywhere, but neither is the trophy. It’s something to take away from it as well as the memories."

The Dancing On Ice final airs Sunday at 6pm on ITV.