Disney reveals a live-action remake of classic film Hercules is in talks

1 May 2020, 09:02

We can't wait see who plays the main character
We can't wait see who plays the main character. Picture: Disney

The 1997 Disney classic film will be re-made for the big screen sometime in the not too distant future.

Hercules fans will be overjoyed to hear that the classic Disney animated movie could indeed become a live action film for the first time.

Variety has confirmed that Disney are working on the details of bringing the 1997 film to life, with Avengers filmmakers Joe and Anthony Russo behind production.

Not only this, but action specialist Dave Callaham, the man behind the newest Spiderman and Wonder Woman movies, is working on the script.

The classic film is set to return
The classic film is set to return. Picture: Disney

As of yet, there is no director confirmed for the huge movie, but a lot of massive names are being thrown around, such as Jon Favreau - the creator of The Mandalorian and the producer and director for blockbusters such as the Avengers and Iron Man. (Fun fact, he also played Pete, Monica's millionaire boyfriend in the sitcom Friends).

However, one thing we can definitely look forward to is that all the original songs from the animation will still be included.

Fans are overjoyed with this news, with one saying: "Okay unlike Mulan I need Hercules to be a shot by shot remake.

"They can add new things just DON'T TAKE ANYTHING OUT."

All of the songs will remain
All of the songs will remain. Picture: Disney

Another added: "With the news of a Hercules live action in the works I think it’s time we discuss how Hades DESERVES a villain song that goes as hard as Poor Unfortunate Soul and Be Prepared!"

"If there’s any Disney remake that I think could really be unique and wildly exciting is that of #Hercules. I especially envision how great the opening scene could look with today’s CGI and cine work. I hope that Disney can prove me right", said another.

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