EastEnders Chantelle Atkins spoilers: The heartbreaking aftermath of her murder revealed

18 September 2020, 19:35

EastEnders spoilers: Chantelle is set to meet a tragic end
EastEnders spoilers: Chantelle is set to meet a tragic end. Picture: BBC

EastEnders has revealed what happens after Chantelle Atkins' murder...

EastEnders is set to air the devastating murder of Chantelle Atkins later this week.

The character - played by Jessica Plummer - will tragically die at the hands of abusive husband Gray, with details still yet to be revealed.

But now the soap has revealed spoilers for the immediate aftermath of Chantelle’s murder, as the rest of the Walford residents find out the news.

Chantelle was on holiday with her family in Southend, and planned to run away from her husband to a Women’s refuge.

Karen learns about her daughters death in EastEnders
Karen learns about her daughters death in EastEnders. Picture: BBC
Gray is questioned by the police in EastEnders
Gray is questioned by the police in EastEnders. Picture: BBC

But Gray sensed something was wrong and forced his wife to return to Walford, with her family not knowing about the abuse.

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He then seemingly murders her in their home, however the rest of the storyline is being kept a secret.

As we head into next week, new photos show Gray being questioned by the police over her death while in prison.

More snapshots also see Chantelle’s parents Karen and Mitch return from their holiday only to be told of the heartbreaking news.

While he is unaware of the extent of the abuse his daughter suffered, Mitch then starts to get suspicious of Gray when he notices tension with Kheerat Panesar.

Kheerat suspects Gray killed Chantelle in EastEnders
Kheerat suspects Gray killed Chantelle in EastEnders. Picture: BBC

Mitch then confides in Karen about his concerns, but it’s unclear what happens next…

The soap has worked with charities Refuge and Women’s Aid to highlight women who have suffered at the hands of abusive partners during lockdown,

Speaking about the tragic ending to Chantelle’s story, Toby Alexander-Smith - who plays Gray - said: “It’s certainly going to be a shock for the audience and I think that it is important that it concludes in such a tragic way.

"So we’re encouraging women to speak out before that does happen because sadly it is happening. And it’s happening more and more frequently."

He added: "And the importance of this storyline is to give the women courage to speak out and to know that people are listening and to know that there are services out there to help. As shocking as it is to watch hopefully it will give the survivors out there the courage to reach out and get help."

If you have been affected by this storyline and need information and support, please email Women's Aid helpline@womensaid.org.uk.

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