EastEnders viewers confused over Habiba Ahmed's unexpected exit

23 October 2020, 12:25

EastEnders airs Habiba Ahmed’s final scenes as Rukku Nahar leaves the soap

Why did Habiba leave EastEnders and what has actress Rukkua Nahar said? Here's what we know...

EastEnders fans were shocked on Thursday evening when Habiba Ahmed swiftly left The Square following a row with her sister Iqra.

The character - played by actress Rukku Nahar - has had a tough few weeks after her boyfriend Jags Panesar was sent to prison for a crime his brother Vinny committed.

After Jags' sentencing hearing, Habiba was left furious at Jags’ guilty sister Ash, who is the girlfriend of her sister Iqra.

Habiba then made Iqra choose between her or Ash, with Iqra making it clear she wasn't willing to end her relationship.

Iqra asked: "Are you serious, you're just leaving?"

Habiba left after a huge row with sister Iqra
Habiba left after a huge row with sister Iqra. Picture: BBC

To which she replied: "I can't do this any more, I can't watch you with Ash, day in, day out, she is no good.”

"Habs, I love her," said Iqra, with Habiba hitting back: "You think you love her, but one day you are going to realise that I am right, she is going to hurt you really bad, and I don't want to be around to see that.

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As Iqra pleaded with her sister to stay, Habiba replied: "Jags needs me more," before she swiftly departed Walford in the back of a black cab.

And after watching the scenes, EastEnders fans were surprised by the very unexpected and quick exit.

“Sad to see Habiba leave, I didn't see that coming. Pensive face #EastEnders,” said one viewer.

Another said: “As if Habiba just left halfway through the episode. Fuming #EastEnders”

A third asked: “Wait, so Habiba's actually left? @bbceastenders #EastEnders”.

Actress Rukku has played Habiba since early 2019 and has been part of some big storylines, including her affair with Adam Bateman.

She has since spoken out about her very quick exit from the BBC soap with a message on Instagram.

Confirming her character has left Walford for good, Rukku wrote: "BYE BYE HABIBA.

“Thank you @bbceastenders for welcoming me into one of the biggest soaps in the country!

“I've learnt so much in the last two years and I'm grateful to have made friendships for life ❤️ End of a chapter, onto the next one."

And plenty of her EastEnders co-stars were quick to comment, with Dotty actress Milly Zero writing: "Go fly beautiful girl".

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