Inside EastEnders actress Jane Slaughter's life away from iconic Tracey role

5 September 2022, 08:57

Jane Slaughter has been on EastEnders for three decades
Jane Slaughter has been on EastEnders for three decades. Picture: BBC/Alamy

Who plays Tracey in EastEnders and how long has she been on the soap?

EastEnders fans will recognise Jane Slaughter as the iconic barmaid in The Queen Vic Tracey.

As the show's longest running character, Tracey has seen her fair share of drama in the pub, but has managed to keep herself out of most of it.

So, how old is Jane Slaughter and what else has she been in? Here’s what we know…

Jane Slaughter is EastEnders' longest running actress
Jane Slaughter is EastEnders' longest running actress. Picture: BBC

How old is Jane Slaughter?

Jane Slaughter was born 1961, making her 61-years-old.

The actress trained at Elmhurst Ballet School and made her television appearance as Petrova in Ballet Shoes in 1975, and in 1976, she appeared as Bella in three episodes of Katy.

How long has Tracey been in EastEnders?

Jane has portrayed Tracey since the first episode of EastEnders on 19 February 1985, making her the longest serving character on the show, with no breaks or temporary exits.

Speaking in an interview last year, Jane admitted she would only be on the BBC One soap for "six months".

Jane Slaughter has been on EastEnders since it started
Jane Slaughter has been on EastEnders since it started. Picture: Alamy

Talking to The Sun, she said: "I got the role as Tracey on the first day of filming when (EastEnders writer and co-creator) Julia Smith, who I worked with when I was about 15, said she’d like me to have the flower stall. I later got the Queen Vic bar job.

"I remember thinking: 'This is a good six months’ work, even though I won’t get much to say'. Back then I had ambitions of doing more, but sticking with Tracey has suited me the older I got.

"As I had children, I got quite comfortable with being in and out of the show for a bit, so it’s evolved really nicely."

What else has Jane Slaughter been in?

Jane has been in many other shows before she joined the cast of EastEnders.

Her credits include The History Man, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dimensions in Time, Pudding Lane and The Ghosts of Ian Beale.