A look back at EastEnders star Leonard Fenton's career

1 February 2022, 08:46

Leonard Fenton starred in EastEnders
Leonard Fenton starred in EastEnders. Picture: Alamy

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Who did Leonard Fenton play in EastEnders and what else has he been in?

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EastEnders actor Leonard Fenton sadly died at the age of 95 over the weekend.

The sad news was announced by his family, who released a statement saying they are ‘heartbroken’.

They said: "The family of the actor Leonard Fenton are heartbroken to announce his death at the age of 95 on Saturday January 29.

"He worked in TV and film and his long stage career included time at the National Theatre and most recently the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Leonard Fenton had a long career on stage
Leonard Fenton had a long career on stage. Picture: Alamy

"We feel incredibly lucky to have been able to be with him as his health worsened towards the end - a privilege denied to so many during these tough times."

As tributes pour in for the acting legend, let’s take a look back at his career which spans 60 years…

Who did Leonard Fenton play in EastEnders?

Leonard Fenton is best known for playing Dr Harold Legg in EastEnders, making his debut in the first episode of the soap in February 1985.

He appeared in a total of 267 episodes of the BBC soap and was a close friend of Dot Cotton, played by June Brown.

Dr Legg made his last appearance in 2019, after he returned to tell Dot that he had terminal cancer.

Leonard Fenton has passed away at the age of 95
Leonard Fenton has passed away at the age of 95. Picture: Alamy

In an emotional statement, June called him ‘charming, polite and kind’.

"I first met Leonard as Dr Legg when I joined the cast of EastEnders as Dot, his hypochondriac patient, in 1985,” she said.

"He was a charming man in all ways, first as a person and then as an actor, extremely polite and kind. I enjoyed working with him enormously for many years and missed him when he retired.

"I was glad that I'd been with him for his last scene with Dot at his bedside and my thoughts are with his devoted family."

An EastEnders spokesperson added: "We are deeply saddened to hear that Leonard has passed away. Since appearing in the very first episode of EastEnders, Leonard created a truly iconic character in Doctor Legg who will always be remembered.

Leonard Fenton's career spanned 60 years
Leonard Fenton's career spanned 60 years. Picture: Alamy

"Our love and thoughts are with Leonard's family and friends."

What else was Leonard Fenton in?

Before joining EastEnders, Leonard had a successful theatre career and appeared in plays such as Chimes at Midnight and Happy Days.

Meanwhile, his other TV credits included roles in Colditz, Secret Army, Z-Cars, Auf Wiedersehen and Pet.

Leonard was also in many films in his career including Up the Creek, The Devil-Ship Pirates , Robin Hood Junior, Give My Regards to Broad Street, Morons from Outer Space and The Zombie Diaries (2006).