Tom Cotton's real identity explained as EastEnders reveals major twist

22 September 2021, 08:55 | Updated: 22 September 2021, 08:57

Tom Cotton is related to Dotty Cotton in EastEnders
Tom Cotton is related to Dotty Cotton in EastEnders. Picture: BBC

Who is Thomas Cotton in EastEnders and how is he related to Dotty? Here's what we know...

It’s all kicking off on EastEnders this week, after it was revealed Terry Cant, played by actor Brian Conley, has been lying about his identity.

Terry - also known as Rocky - has been acting very shifty since he arrived in Walford earlier this year, but it turns out he’s not Sonia’s father at all, as his real name is Thomas Cotton.

On Tuesday (September, 21) Terry was arrested for keyed Sonia's (Natalie Cassidy) new boyfriend’s car after catching him talking to another woman in a club.

Thomas Cotton has revealed his true identity
Thomas Cotton has revealed his true identity. Picture: BBC

But when it came to giving his name at the police station, he introduced himself as Thomas Cotton.

So, who is Tom Cotton and how is he related to Dotty? Find out everything…

Who is Tom Cotton?

It seems as though Tom is definitely not Sonia’s dad, and is instead working with Dotty (Milly Zero).

As he was released from the station, Dotty was seen waiting outside for him and accused him of almost ruining their plan.

She then called him ‘Uncle Tom’, revealing that she is his niece.

Brian Conley plays Tom Cotton in EastEnders
Brian Conley plays Tom Cotton in EastEnders. Picture: BBC

While his exact relation to the Cotton family isn’t known, he could be a sibling of her late father Nick Cotton or related to Charlie Cotton.

Thomas has never been mentioned by Dot or Nick before, so viewers will have to wait and see where he fits into the family tree.

It’s also unclear what Dotty and Tom’s plan is, but they are seemingly scheming against Sonia in a bid to get their hands on inheritance money from grandmother Dot Cotton (June Brown).

Is she using her secret uncle to get back what she’s owed?

One fan questioned: “Hold up. Is Tom another Son of Dot’s? I mean Dotty did say uncle Tom @bbceastenders.”

Another guessed: “Dot had a half sister named Rose, who was also involved with Charlie Cotton. This Tom story is about to get more interesting. #EastEnders.”

While a third added: “OMG!! Uncle Tom and Dotty are in it together! Did NOT see this coming at all!Clapping hands signClapping hands sign #EastEnders.”