Emmerdale fans spot huge blunder as Leyla Harding is shot during Meena showdown

16 February 2022, 09:11

Emmerdale: Meena kidnaps Dawn on her wedding day


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Does Leyla die in Emmerdale and what happens to her? Here's what we know...

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Emmerdale viewers were left shocked on Tuesday evening when Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) took newlywed couple Billy (Jay Kontzle) and Dawn (Olivia Bromley) hostage.

In a shock move, the murderer then told Billy he had to choose between saving himself or Dawn and if he didn’t they would both be killed.

Back at the reception, Leyla (Roxy Shahidi) said goodbye to Will (Dean Andrews) and went looking for Billy and Dawn.

As Leyla approached the viaduct in her car, she spotted Meena holding the gun.

Meena kidnapped Dawn and Billy in Emmerdale
Meena kidnapped Dawn and Billy in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

But while Dawn tried to warn Leyla of the danger, she wasn’t quick enough and Meena noticed the car.

She shot her gun several times, causing an injured Leyla to fall from the car.

Despite the drama, viewers at home noticed a plot hole in the scenes, with many pointing out Leyla, Billy and Dawn all had the chance to stop Meena.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Billy and Dawn standing behind Meena like a game of musical statues whilst Meena shoots at Leyla. #Emmerdale.”

Dawn and Billy are in danger in Emmerdale
Dawn and Billy are in danger in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

Someone else said: ”1. Why didn’t Leyla just plow her down. 2. Why didn’t Billy rush her from behind? #Emmerdale.”

Another wrote: “Why didn't Leyla just run her down xx”

A third said: “Why didn't Billy and Dawn attack Meena when she was shooting at Leyla? Her back was turned to them. #Emmerdale.”

While a fourth wrote: “Both of them could have easily overpowered meena while she was shooting leyla like … #emmerdale.”

Meena shot at Leyla's car in Emmerdale
Meena shot at Leyla's car in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

And a fifth added: “t’s all too much. Why didn’t they jump her when she was shooting at poor Leyla. Very, very far fetched. #Emmerdale.”

Is Leyla dead in Emmerdale?

It’s not clear whether Leyla dies in Emmerdale, but fans at home are convinced she will survive the ordeal.

One person said: “Leyla wont be dead, as to take a Daughter and lover from Liam by #meenadale would be too much. Logic. #emmerdale”.

“Leyla isn’t dead surely not #Emmerdale,” wrote someone else.