Has Tracy Metcalfe left Emmerdale and what happened to her?

31 August 2021, 08:18

Tracy decided to leave Emmerdale this week
Tracy decided to leave Emmerdale this week. Picture: ITV

What happened to Tracy in Emmerdale and has she left for good? Here's what we know...

Emmerdale fans watched Tracy Metcalfe walk away from the village after struggling with her mental health.

The new mum gave birth to her first daughter Frankie at the beginning of August.

But what happened to Tracy and has she left Emmerdale for good? Here’s what we know…

Tracy Metcalfe is played by Amy Walsh in Emmerdale
Tracy Metcalfe is played by Amy Walsh in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

Has Tracy Metcalfe left Emmerdale?

Yes, Tracy Metcalfe waved goodbye to the village on Monday, August 30.

The character - played by Amy Walsh - has been battling postnatal depression for several weeks and it has continued to get worse.

After compliments on her parenting skills from her friends, Tracy felt overwhelmed when she took baby Frankie for a walk.

She then picked up her daughter and peered over the edge of the bridge as she appeared to consider taking her own life.

Tracy has been struggling with PND in Emmerdale
Tracy has been struggling with PND in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

Nate (Jurell Carter) later arrived home and Tracy pretended she was heading over to Priya’s (Fiona Wade).

But instead, she got into a taxi and told the driver she wasn’t coming back to the village.

The storyline has received huge praise online, with one fan writing: “Wow this storyline with Tracy with got me so emotional, thank you for raising awareness of Post Natal Depression! @amywalsh27 is absolutely smashing this storyline."

While another said: “Such a heartbreaking #Emmerdale tonight. So well played by Amy to show the struggle for Tracy. Really important to see this topic raised."

Will Tracy return to Emmerdale?

It’s not clear where Tracy has gone or whether she will return to Emmerdale.

Opening up about her character’s PND struggle, Amy previously opened up about the bridge scene, telling the Daily Star: "She is walking across a bridge and there's a moment of stillness.

"She has a moment where she thinks it would be better if they're both not here anymore so she can't harm Frankie, no harm else can harm Frankie and it will take away all the pain she's going through."