How old is Emmerdale’s Rishi Sharma and who is actor Bhasker Patel?

20 April 2021, 09:35

Rishi Sharma returned to Emmerdale in 2020
Rishi Sharma returned to Emmerdale in 2020. Picture: ITV/Instagram

How old is Rishi Sharma in Emmerdale and what do we know about Bhasker Patel?

Rishi Sharma made his Emmerdale debut ten years ago all the way back in 2011.

Since then, the character has been part of some huge storylines, including his divorce from wife Georgia and subsequent romance with doctor Manpreet Sharma.

But what is Rishi Sharma’s age and how much do we know about actor Bhasker Patel?

How old is Rishi Sharma in Emmerdale?

Rishi Sharma is thought to be 71-years-old in Emmerdale and was born in Pakistan.

The actor who plays him, Bhasker Patel, turned 65-years-old on February 7 and was born in Kampala, Uganda.

Rishi Sharma has a fractured relationship with his family in Emmerdale
Rishi Sharma has a fractured relationship with his family in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

One of Bhasker’s biggest storylines over the past few months is his fractured relationship with his family.

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Recently speaking about being part of the Sharma family, actress Fiona Wade - who plays Rishi’s daughter Priya Sharma - said they are all strong characters.

Speaking about Priya, the actress told “I think her whole life, she's been the youngest in a family with two brothers, and a father.

“They're all businessmen. They're all telling her what she shouldn't do or what she you know, can do.

“And I think you know, and that's where sometimes I think it goes wrong for her because I think her intentions are good, and she's such a strong girl.”

Who plays Rishi Sharma in Emmerdale?

Bhasker Patel has had a long career in TV and has previously appeared in shows such as Holby City, The Bill, Spooks and Doctor Who.

As for his film work, Bhasker has also had roles in Thunderbirds, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Anuvahood.

The star often shares sneak peeks on set at Emmerdale on social media, including lots of behind-the-scenes photos.

When he returned to work after the pandemic, Bhasker posted a photo from the Dales alongside Rebecca, who plays his other half Manpreet Sharma on the show.

Making sure he was following social distancing rules, he wrote: "@rebeccasarker@emmerdale#Woolpack 🎞🎥📹📽"

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