Who is Sarah Sugden’s dad in Emmerdale?

12 January 2021, 09:34

Sarah Sugden's dad is Andy in Emmerdale
Sarah Sugden's dad is Andy in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

Who is Sarah's dad in Emmerdale and where is he?

Sarah Sudgen has been at the centre of some serious drama in Emmerdale over the past few weeks.

She recently got back in contact with drug dealer Danny, but when the police turned up at the pub, Sarah ended up hiding a bag of pills in Ethan’s jacket.

After Debbie Dingle made a shock return to the village, she agreed to cover up her daughter’s drug crimes.

But who is Sarah Sugden and who is her dad? Here’s what we know…

Who is Sarah Sugden’s dad in Emmerdale?

Sarah Sugden is the daughter of Debbie and Andy Sugden.

Sarah Sugden's dad is Andy Sugden in Emmerdale
Sarah Sugden's dad is Andy Sugden in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

She was born when Debbie was only 15 years old and named after Andy’s late adopted mum.

Sarah is played by 18-year-old actress Katie Hill, who is the fifth person to portray Sarah.

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Sophia Amber Moore portrayed Sarah between 2007 and 2016.

Is Andy Sugden returning to Emmerdale?

Sarah’s dad Andy Sugden was played by Kelvin Fletcher, but he decided to leave the soap in 2016.

In the ITV soap, Andy is on the run from the police after being framed by his ex-girlfriend Chrissie White for the attempted murder of Lawrence White.

It was actually evil serial killer Lachlan White who tried to kill Lawrence.

Kelvin left the soap to focus on his other career as a racing driver, having taken part in a number of races since he left.

He also won Strictly Come Dancing last year and is starting to get back into acting.

While he hasn’t said anything about returning to The Dales anytime soon, the door has been left open for him to return, as he told Soaplife magazine: “"Andy wasn't killed off, so technically I could return.

"But I genuinely haven't given it much thought. The two years since I left have flown by and, in many respects, my leaving still feels very fresh."