First Dates contestant reveals she is married to HERSELF halfway through the date

1 May 2019, 11:28 | Updated: 1 May 2019, 13:02

Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The contestant's decision to wed herself sent fans into a frenzy on Twitter

Channel 4's First Dates are known for pairing together very interesting daters, and this week's couple was no exception.

Mel, from Weymouth was paired with hypnotherapist and masseuse, Damien, who discovered something very interesting about his date.

42-year-old Mel married herself after multiple failed relationships
42-year-old Mel married herself after multiple failed relationships. Picture: Channel 4

Halfway through their dinner date - which kicked off with some flirty banter - 40-year-old Damien spotted a hefty bit of bling on 42-year-old Mel's ring finger.

When he brought it up, to avoid any future awkward moments, Mel revealed that she was in fact, married to herself.

She went on to explain that she'd made the decision to marry herself after a pretty savage breakup with her ex boyfriend.

Mel explained prior to meeting Damien: "I got dumped on Christmas Eve by text after a five and a half year relationship.

"I always said to my ex-boyfriend 'I’m going to get married'.

"So after I was dumped I thought, 'okay I’m going to go ahead with this'.

"It was almost like a bit of a, 'Up yours, I’m happy I’m on my own. I don’t need you.'"

She continued: "I think after two failed marriages and a series of failed long term relationships, I’ve neglected myself.

"My wedding was a message of saying I’m going to celebrate me and loving me and therefore the law of attraction, attracting somebody into my life, that is worthy of my love."

Speaking about who she hoped she'd be paired with on the date, she said: "It’s so empowering and it’s such a sense of fulfilment, I’m hoping whoever I’m matched with will go, 'You’re mad, but I love it'.

"That’s the ideal reaction as to what I would want somebody to say. Maybe not you’re mad, maybe I just love the idea.’"

And it seems like Damien wasn't bothered by Mel's unique marriage, commenting "I'm honoured. If it’s a valid way to be a better person, to be more loving, then that’s the right path.

"It’s great because it’s celebrating being feminine."

However, viewers of the show weren't as open-minded towards Mel's marriage.

Many took to Twitter to air their opinions:

However, despite the cynical Tweets, Mel and Damien seemed really taken with each other.

The pair actually went on multiple dates after filming, and even attended Glastonbury festival together.

Time for Mel to get a divorce maybe?

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