Linda Nolan bravely speaks of 'traumatic' double cancer diagnosis in heartbreaking GMB interview

4 August 2020, 14:38

Linda spoke out on GMB
Linda spoke out on GMB. Picture: Shutterstock/ITV

The star's sister Anne was too unwell to appear on the show following her recent cancer diagnosis.

Linda Nolan spoke on ITV's Good Morning Britain earlier today and opened up about the horrific news that she and her sister Anne have both been diagnosed with cancer.

The star, 61, spoke to the show's interim anchors Ben Shepard and Kate Garraway alone from her home in Blackpool, with Anne, 69, unable to join as she felt unwell.

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The sisters, known for their success in the family group, The Nolans, both revealed earlier this week that they'd found out they had cancer within half an hour of each other.

Linda added that they were both reluctant to speak out about the horrible news, which she called a "double nightmare".

Speaking about going through treatment with her sister, she said: "We've both had great treatment from our local hospital... you've heard of the Chemical Brothers, we're now the 'chemo sisters.'" 

Linda spoke to Ben and Kate on GMB
Linda spoke to Ben and Kate on GMB. Picture: ITV

The pair were diagnosed back in March, at the height of the lockdown, which she admitted made the situation "a double nightmare".

Linda continued: "Usually my family would rush from all directions, and we'd all get together and laugh and chat.

"But all we could do was phone Anne and say we're here and wave through the window.

"I think Anne has struggled with that because she has two daughters and granddaughters and not being able to hug them." 

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