Hollington Drive filming locations: Where was the ITV drama filmed?

29 September 2021, 18:00

Here's where Hollington Drive was filmed
Here's where Hollington Drive was filmed. Picture: ITV

Where was Hollington Drive filmed? Locations across Wales revealed...

Hollington Drive is the new ITV drama everyone is talking about.

With a star-studded line up featuring the likes of Anna Maxwell Martin, Rachael Stirling and Jonas Armstrong, the dark tale focuses on the relationship between two sisters.

While the story follows on from the mysterious disappearance of a young boy, the neighbourhood of Hollington Drive itself is at the centre of the series.

But where was Hollington Drive filmed and is it a real place? Here’s what we know…

Anna Maxwell Martin as Theresa in Hollington Drive
Anna Maxwell Martin as Theresa in Hollington Drive. Picture: ITV

Where was Hollington Drive filmed?

Hollington Drive was filmed in Wales, specifically in areas around Cardiff.

While the exact location for the street has not been revealed, film crews were spotted on The Mill housing estate and Sanatorium Park in Canton.

Opening up about the importance of the location, writer Sophie Petzal said she always had a clear idea of what she wanted the street to look like.

“I wanted something that felt bright, without being too cartoony or silly,” she said, continuing: “I wanted it to juxtapose with the dark underbelly of the story, with detached houses that looked really nice and idyllic but not recognisably from a specific part of Britain like Manchester or Bristol.

Hollington Drive was filmed in a cul de sac in Wales
Hollington Drive was filmed in a cul de sac in Wales. Picture: ITV

“I was looking for homes with their own unique character, that didn’t belong to a particular period or region.

“It was quite difficult to find that in Britain, but I got to be part of the conversation the whole way through, and I was so lucky the locations manager found a street that was exactly what I had imagined. It has white houses that look comfortable and aspirational.

She added: “Overall, it feels compelling and inviting, even though the subject matter is dark and kind of twisted.”

Producer Jonathan Fisher told Heart.co.uk and other press that the locations manager reviewed over 100 possible cul de sacs before finding the right one.

He said: “The location is a fundamental part in the series and almost a character in itself, it was integral we got it right and we did.

“You’re looking at one thing and when you look beneath the layers there are plenty of secrets. We wanted it to have different layers to it.”