Is ITV's Trigger Point based on a true story?

23 January 2022, 16:30

Is Trigger Point real? Here's what we know about the ITV drama...

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ITV is back with a brand new drama called Trigger Point, with Vicky McClure and Adrian Lester playing experienced bomb disposal operatives known as 'Expos'.

In the series Joel Nutkins (Adrian), is working alongside Lana Washington (Vicky) as part of the Metropolitan Police Bomb Disposal Squad.

But is Trigger Point based on a true story? Here’s what we know…

Trigger Point is on ITV this winter
Trigger Point is on ITV this winter. Picture: ITV

Is Trigger Point based on a true story?

No, Trigger Point is not a true story, but it is inspired by real events that happen in the UK.

It was also produced with real-life “expos” providing on-set advice, but also challenges the real-life male dominance of bomb disposal work.

Executive producer Jed Mercurio said: “In terms of the gender balance within the world of explosives officers, it is absolutely a very male-dominated environment.

Adrian Lester is starring in Trigger Point on ITV
Adrian Lester is starring in Trigger Point on ITV. Picture: ITV

“But we all know professions should be more gender-balanced and there should be a much more level playing field for entry to these roles.

“So it feels like a good statement to have a female lead – there are women who do occupy these roles and as we go forward there will be more.”

He added: “I think it’s really important in terms of representation. If we showed the world as male-dominated it might be sending the wrong message to people who might be considering that career.”

Line of Duty’s Vicky McClure has also opened up about whether the series is true to life.

Trigger Point is not based on a true story
Trigger Point is not based on a true story. Picture: ITV

“There’s only a very small number of expos working with the Met, and none of them are women as far as I’m aware,” she said.

“But there would be a lot of female expos in the Army. So I like that this is a story about a female expo, and it’s completely possible.”

Vicky also spoke to real life bomb disposal experts and said she was shocked by the pressure they were put under.

She continued: “Some things felt like absolute madness, like taking my helmet off as I approach the bomb, but then they explained to me that it could impair your vision, or it could knock the device if it slipped, all these logical things, so you need to take it off to actually work properly around the device.”