McDonald and Dodds: Who is the cast for new ITV drama?

6 March 2020, 18:50

McDonalds and Dodds airs on Sundays
McDonalds and Dodds airs on Sundays. Picture: ITV

ITV's newest drama is about two detectives and the show takes place in Bath.

New drama McDonald and Dodds is set to brighten up our evenings, with the new ITV show adding a bit of spice to our evenings.

At the moment, there's only two, two-hour long episodes which are mini-movie type documentaries, and they're sure to keep you on your toes.

One episode has currently aired, with another airing this Sunday at 8pm, and you can catch up on the ITV player.

Here is the cast for the new show:

Dodds. Picture: ITV

DS Dodds played by Jason Watkins

Described as shy and unassuming, Dodds has been happily working the desk life for most of his time on the force, that is until he’s forced to work with DCI McDonald and go out on the frontline, sorting out various mysteries and murders.

He’s played by award-winning actor Jason Watkins.

McDonald (left)
McDonald (left). Picture: ITV

DCI Lauren McDonald played by Tala Gouveia

The show’s write-up describes Lauren McDonald as a "tough, driven, battering ram of a cop" who has transferred from South London to the sleepy streets of Bath.

John Houseman
John Houseman. Picture: ITV

Chief Superintendent John Houseman played by James Murray

Chief Superintendent John Houseman is the big boss of the force who doesn’t want newcomer McDonald rubbing up the wrong people in his base of Bath.

Max Crockett
Max Crockett. Picture: ITV

Max Crockett played by Robert Lindsay

(Spoiler alert) the first episode of the show starts with a man being shot to death in Crockett's house, and this is the mystery they work to solve.