Netflix Britney Spears documentary: trailer, release date, and everything we know

23 September 2021, 12:12

Britney vs Spears will be released on Netflix soon
Britney vs Spears will be released on Netflix soon. Picture: Netflix/Alamy

The official trailer for new Netflix documentary Britney vs Spears has been released - find out everything we know about the doc.

Netflix's much-anticipated new Britney Spears documentary will be dropping soon, and the streaming service has just released the full trailer.

It has been confirmed that the documentary, which comes from director Erin Lee Carr, will be released later this month.

Britney vs Spears will explore the controversial conservatorship that began back in 2008. A quote captioning the new trailer reads: "It’s been 13 years and it’s enough".

“I just want my life back,” Britney is hears saying in a voiceover in the clip, adding: "I don’t owe these people anything."

Britney vs Spears drops on Netflix later this month
Britney vs Spears drops on Netflix later this month. Picture: Netflix

Earlier this week, a teaser for the documentary revealed past audio of the Britney's message for a lawyer back in January 2009.

In the clip, she is heard saying: "Hi, my name is Britney Spears. I called you earlier. I'm calling again because I just wanted to make sure that during the process of eliminating the conservatorship..."

Earlier this month, Britney's father Jamie Spears filed a petition to end his daughter’s conservatorship after 13 years.

He has been in charge of the conservatorship year since 2008, and had been increasingly coming under scrutiny amid the #FreeBritney campaign.

When is the Netflix Britney Spears documentary released?

The documentary will arrive on the streaming service on Tuesday September 28.

Is there a trailer for Britney vs Spears?

You can watch the full trailer below:

What is the Britney Spears documentary about?

The official Netflix synopsis reads: "The world knows Britney Spears: performer, artist, icon. But in the last few years, her name has been publicly tied to another, more mysterious term: conservatorship.

"Britney vs Spears tells the explosive story of Britney’s life and her public and private search for freedom. Featuring years-long investigative work, exclusive interviews and new documents, this Netflix feature film paints a thorough portrait of the pop star’s trajectory from girl next door to a woman trapped by fame and family and her own legal status.

"It shows Britney’s life without utilizing the traumatic images that have previously defined her. Director Erin Lee Carr (How To Fix a Drug Scandal, Dirty Money) and journalist Jenny Eliscu work to delve deep into the tangled history of the conservatorship that has been in place for over 13 years.

"The film weaves a shocking timeline of old and new players, secret rendezvous and Britney’s behind the scenes fight for her own autonomy. Text messages and a voicemail as well as new interviews with key players make clear what Britney herself has attested: the full story has yet to be told."