How old is Good Girls actor Manny Montana and is he in a relationship?

4 August 2020, 22:58

Manny is an actor on the successful series Good Girls
Manny is an actor on the successful series Good Girls. Picture: Instagram
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The hunky actor plays the criminal Rico in the Netflix series Good Girls, but what do we know about him?

Good Girls is back on our screens and therefore so is the notorious gang member Rico.

Played by Manny Montana, the tattoo-covered criminal has stolen millions of fans' hearts, and gotten many of us hot under the collar (those scenes with Beth? Phew...)

But what do we know about the man behind the character? Here's all you need to know about Manny...

Who is Manny Montana and how old is he?

Manny Montana was born September 26, 1983 in Long Beach California, where he was born and raised.

He is 36-years-old and is a first generation Mexican-American and speaks Spanish fluently.

The star majored in Journalism and Broadcasting at California State University and was a part of the University's radio station.

After graduating in 2006, Montana acted in a number of student films which eventually led him to guest star in single episodes of various television series.

His big break was in 2012, where he was cast in Graceland as Johnny 'J.T' Turturro.

Fast forward to 2018, he was then cast as Rio in Good Girls, which has been a global hit and hugely boosted his platform.

Is he in a relationship and does he have any children?

Manny is married to Adelfa Marr, a self-employed life coach and the owner of Safe Space.

They have been together for around five years but little is known about how they met.

Manny said in an interview posted on “Outside of acting, I’m married to my best f***ing friend.

"She’s my f***ing rock. It’s so funny man, you always wish you find that ideal marriage, whatever that means to you, and you want it but in the back of your mind you think it’s far fetched.

"I found that s**t, man. We do everything together… my wife – I mean, me and her got together so fast and everything came together so fast.”

They have a son together but his identity has been kept private and away from the public eye.

He continued: "Having a baby is endless love times ten. You never know a love like this until you have a kid.

"It gets hard cause you’re tired but kids are just so funny and loving and all they want to do is laugh and be around you! I just hope it’s made me a better and a more patient person…”

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