Spencer Matthews attempts to recover brother's body from Everest 23 years after death

27 February 2023, 11:06 | Updated: 1 March 2023, 09:04

Spencer Matthews attempts to find brother on Mount Everest in 'Finding Michael' trailer

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Spencer Matthews is attempting to find his brother's body as he climbs Everest in a new documentary.

Spencer Matthews has retraced his late brother’s steps up Mount Everest for an emotional new documentary.

The Made In Chelsea star’s sibling disappeared in 1999 after becoming the youngest Briton to reach the summit at the age of 22.

In a bid to recover his brother’s body, Spencer decided to climb the mountain with the help of survivalist Bear Grylls and mountaineer Nirmal 'Nims' Purja.

With a film crew capturing the entire journey, Spencer’s documentary Finding Michael will be released on Disney+ on Friday (3rd March).

Spencer Mathews' brother Michael died on Mount Everest
Spencer Mathews' brother Michael died on Mount Everest. Picture: Disney+

The trailer sees the reality star looking at a picture of his brother wearing a red ski jacket, as he says: “I hate the picture. All I see is a young man in the process of losing his life.”

Spencer - who shares three children with Vogue Williams - continues: “Michael was my big brother. 20 odd years later we are sent this photograph of a body, it looks like it could be Michael.

“My heart says we should go and find him. And if we can, bring him home.

“We need the best people possible. We have one of the greatest, Nims Purja. We have to look all over the mountain.”

Spencer Matthews is trying to find his brother's body
Spencer Matthews is trying to find his brother's body. Picture: Disney+

TV presenter and executive producer Bear is then seen saying: “Stay safe. If you get hold of Mike, I hear his voice screaming that one loud.”

He later explains: “On average, seven people every year of those attempting Everest will lose their lives. No mountain is worth dying for a second time over.”

Elsewhere in the clip, Nims leads the search crew made up of 10 people, before they are hit by unexpected challenges and adverse weather.

Opening up about filming the documentary, Spencer told The Sunday Times it’s ‘the closest he’s felt’ to Michael since his death.

"I'm not the most emotional person but the nearer we got to the mountain, the more potent my feelings became,” he said.

He later revealed why he decided to take on the huge task, adding: “He's frozen in time. I'm his big brother now. I was unable to stop thinking about it. I wanted to bring him home for my mum.

“I found the idea unbearable of him being out there on the mountain, alone, with people walking past him en route to the summit.”

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