The Bachelor UK contestants: including an X Factor reject and a wannabe Kardashian

5 March 2019, 16:24 | Updated: 5 March 2019, 16:26

The Bachelor UK is BACK
The Bachelor UK is BACK. Picture: Channel 5

The Bachelor UK has officially returned to our screens - here's everything you need to know the Channel 5 series

Have you spent the last year and a half pining to see some sexy singles fighting over each other on your television? Has nothing succeeded in filling that Love Island-shaped whole in your life? Well, we have good news.

The Bachelor UK is imminently about to hit our screens.

The British version of the dating show, which started in America way back in 2002 and has previously featured Spencer Matthews and Charlotte Church's ex Gavin Henson, is back - and we couldn't be happier about its return.

Here's everything we know so far:

When does The Bachelor UK start?

The Bachelor UK started on 4 March 2019. You can catch up on My5.

Who is the host of The Bachelor UK?

Former TOWIE star Mark Wright is the host of the 2019 series.

Mark Wright will host The Bachelor UK
Mark Wright will host The Bachelor UK. Picture: Getty

Speaking exclusively to Heart recently, he described it as a 'more mature' version of Love Island.

Mark said: "I would look at it as a mature version of love island, a bit of an older version to Love Island.

"The girls age ranges from 20 to 36, he [the bachelor] is 32. The dates are very adult. It’s more of a wider age range. Love Island is young and hits that young demographic, which is great, but this is shot more adult-like."

Who is the 2019 UK Bachelor?

The Bachelor this year will be Alex Marks, 31, who as you can see is a bit of a hunk.

Alex is the bachelor on this year's series
Alex is the bachelor on this year's series. Picture: Channel 5

Alex, who is a whopping 6ft6" tall, was raised in Kent, and now owns a personal training studio in South London, which also specialises in fitness for pregnant and post-natal mothers.

Who are the Bachelor UK contestants?

See below for all the girls featuring on The Bachelor UK this March:

Abbey, 26, London

Abbey from London
Abbey from London. Picture: Channel 5

Abbey, 26, is a PA to a CEO and Boutique owner from London. She is a single mum to a five-year-old son, and says she's very ambitious.

She has strict dating rules - which include attending the date in separate transport, not allowing intimate spaces or exchanges, and no meeting the family until official.

Alicia, 25, Essex

Alicia from Essex
Alicia from Essex. Picture: Channel 5

Alicia, 25, is an events coordinator from Chelmsford, Essex, and lived with her parents until recently.

She describes herself as a 'foodie', and is a passionate cooker and baker.

Alicia has been in two serious relationships, and moved to LA with her second boyfriend when she was just 18.

Charlotte, 36, London

Charlotte from London
Charlotte from London. Picture: Channel 5

Charlotte, 36, is a full time model from London, who teaches yoga in her spare time.

She has previously engaged, but is now holding out for 'the one'.

Charlotte has had one serious relationship that left her heartbroken - and was with her ex-fiancé for two years before breaking off the engagement. She hopes to get married and start a family soon - if she finds the right guy.

Chloë, 25, London

Chloë from London
Chloë from London. Picture: Channel 5

Chloë, 25, is a 25-year-old yoga teacher from London.

When Chloe was 18, she attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood - and, during a visit to Hawaii, she broke her back jumping off a waterfall. This turned her life upside down, and she describes is as the 'hardest thing' she ever had to go through.

She had to relearn to walk after months of rehab, and now looks at life in a different way - she thinks life is too short to doubt yourself or not follow your dreams.

Her longest relationship has lasted 18 months, and she's stated that she's quite fussy when it comes to men.

Claudia, 25, London

Claudia from London
Claudia from London. Picture: Channel 5

Claudia, 25, has a degree in psychology, is a belly dancer, and speaks fluent Spanish.

She has recently returned from a year-long trip travelling and modelling around Columbia.

Claudia has never been in a relationship, and finds modern dating off-putting - and says that the men she meets are too scared to commit.

Faran, 35, London

Faran from London
Faran from London. Picture: Channel 5

Faran, 35, is a pilates instructor. She's originally from New York, but now lives in London.

She moved to the UK aged 13 when her parents sent her to boarding school, and went on to do an undergraduate degree in psychology and communication at London Met and a Masters in HR Management.

She has had four serious relationships.

Frankie, 23, Edinburgh

Frankie from Edinburgh
Frankie from Edinburgh. Picture: Channel 5

Frankie, 23, is a freelance make-up artist from Edinburgh. She comes from a musical family, and enjoys writing music and recording covers on YouTube.

She has had a couple of serious relationships, and says she's very competitive when it comes to guys.

Gabriella, 29, London

Gabriella from London
Gabriella from London. Picture: Channel 5

Gabriella is a journalist and award-winning blogger from London. She grew up in Hertfordshire, and studied Fashion and PR at the University of Arts in London, before getting a placement at Yves Saint Laurent in New York.

She works as a journalist, and is also an award-winning lifestyle blogger.

Gabriella has had four serious relationships, but states it's difficult to meet men working in a female dominated industry.

Georgina, 30, London / LA

Georgina from London
Georgina from London. Picture: Channel 5

Georgina, 30, is a circus performer from London / LA.

She attended a Catholic primary school and an all-girls secondary, and was lured into the circus world after attending an event.

Her circus skills include fire breathing, stilts, unicycle, trapeze and snake charming.

She had fire breathed for Miley Cyrus and acted with Kevin Hart. She currently resides in LA.

Georgie has had three serious relationships but they never quite make it to two years.

Lilly, 24, London

Lilly from London
Lilly from London. Picture: Channel 5

Lily, 24, is a financial analyst in the city. She is a science graduate, and currently resides in north London.

Her longest relationship has been eight months, and that ended a year ago.

Lois, 31, Hertfordshire

Lois from Hertfordshire
Lois from Hertfordshire. Picture: Channel 5

Lois, 31, is a company owner from Hertfordshire.

She is a single mum to four-year-old daughter Grace, and enjoys horse riding, going to the gym and weight-lifting.

Lois was with Grace's dad for seven and a half years, and insists she's never had her heart broken.

Natasha, 28, Essex

Natasha from Essex
Natasha from Essex. Picture: Channel 5

Natasha, 28, from Essex, is a surveyor who's training to become a chartered surveyor. She loves romance and wants to find a gentleman.

Her longest relationship was five years, and has been single for a year.

Reanne, 28, Norwich

Reanne from Norwich
Reanne from Norwich. Picture: Channel 5

Reanne is a model and entertainer from Norwich. She was divorced aged 23, and is now looking for her fairytale ending.

She met her ex-husband while working on a Disney cruise ship, but the divorce has recently been finalised.

Robyn, 28, Wirral

Robyn from Wirral
Robyn from Wirral. Picture: Channel 5

Robyn, 28, is a professional Bollywood dancer from Wirral, who worked in India for five years.

She had one serious boyfriend aged 17, but they split up because her work commitments put strain on their relationship.

Tara, 21, Scotland

Tara from Scotland
Tara from Scotland. Picture: Channel 5

Tara was born just outside Glasgow, and describes her family as 'like the Kardashians'.

She had a privileged upbringing, and moved to South Africa with her family when she was 18.

Tara says she has been heartbroken, and it was the hardest thing she ever had to deal with. She wants to find a husband soon, and hopes to be a 'hip young mum'.

Tonique, 28, London

Tonique from London
Tonique from London. Picture: Channel 5

Tonique, 28, was born in Kent but grew up in London. She works as a brand manager at Selfridges, and also runs a lifestyle blog about being 'bouji'.

She has been single for two-and-a-half years, and has had two serious relationships. She says that she can sometimes be too confident with guys and push them away.

Victoria, 32, Leeds

Victoria from Leeds
Victoria from Leeds. Picture: Channel 5

Victoria, 32, is an account manager from Leeds. She's an adrenaline junkie, and loves sky diving, zip wiring, running marathons and horse riding.

She previously appeared on The X Factor with girlband Voxe, but they got knocked out at bootcamp/

Victoria has had two serious relationships, and she was living with her most recent ex until March 2018.

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