Where was ITV's Holding filmed and is Duneen a real village? Locations across Ireland revealed

14 March 2022, 14:30

Where was Graham Norton's new ITV drama Holding filmed? And is Duneen a real place?

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Holding is a brand new TV adaptation from ITV, based on Graham Norton's debut novel.

The story follows Sergeant PJ Collins and is set in the insular fictional village of Duneen, West Cork, on the edge of Ireland.

But is Duneen real and what was the filming location for Holding?

Where was Holding filmed in Ireland?

Holding was filmed on location in West Cork, but Duneen is not a real village.

Holding was shot in West Cork in Ireland
Holding was shot in West Cork in Ireland. Picture: ITV

Writer and Executive Producer Karen Cogan said she couldn’t wait to get to Cork and start filming.

She told Heart.co.uk and other press: “It was case of getting there as soon as possible and making sure we film there.

“The juxtaposition of dark and light is very typically Ireland and especially Cork, there so many contradictions to the place it made us cement that tone of light and dark.

“It’s very inherently Irish and every new place we went to was exciting. it all lifted us up.

“Every place felt like a ‘tick’ that we were in the right physical place to do it.”

PJs house was also filmed in Cork in Holding
PJs house was also filmed in Cork in Holding. Picture: ITV

The buildings in the drama weren’t constructed for filming, but the art team were used to renovate the inside of them before the show was shot.

As for the Guards House, this was filmed in Castletownshend, which is a village about eight km south-east of Skibbereen, in County Cork.

Where was PJs house filmed in Holding?

PJs house was also filmed in Cork, but it was transformed for the drama series.

Karen told us: “The house is incredible but it was a little bit falling at the seams.

“It was so important that PJs house was right, me and Dom were picky and annoying about which location it would be.”

Fellow creator and executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins added: “The art department transformed it, the ceiling was coming down, you were worried about going upstairs at the beginning.”

ITV’s Academy award winning actress Brenda Fricker is starring alongside Conleth Hill the four part adaptation.

Other leading Irish actors include Siobhán McSweeney, Charlene McKenna, Helen Behan and Pauline McLynn.