Where was The Tower filmed? Filming locations around Liverpool and Manchester revealed

8 November 2021, 17:00

The Tower was filmed in and around Liverpool
The Tower was filmed in and around Liverpool. Picture: ITV

Where was The Tower filmed? And where is it set? Here's the locations in Liverpool and Manchester...

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If you’re looking for a brand new drama to get stuck into, ITV has you covered with The Tower.

The three parter is based on the first in a series of novels by former Met Police Office's Kate London called Post Mortem.

It follows Detective Sergeant Sarah Collins and DC Steve Bradshaw who are called to a horrific incident where one of their colleagues has been killed.

But where is The Tower filmed? Here’s everything you need to know about the locations…

The Tower is set in London
The Tower is set in London. Picture: ITV

Where was The Tower filmed?

The Tower was filmed across the country, but mostly in Liverpool, Manchester and the surrounding areas.

Earlier this year, Gemma Whelan and Emmett J Scanlan were spotted on a Merseyrail train parked on a Wirral industrial site.

For any locals, these scenes took place in the next street from Seacombe ferry terminal and the stars were filming inside the train and out of sight of passers by.

The Tower was also filmed at Runcorn Cemetery, close to Greenway Road, in Cheshire where the funeral of PC Hadley Matthews took place.

The Tower was filmed at Runcorn Cemetery
The Tower was filmed at Runcorn Cemetery. Picture: ITV

One very poignant scene between Emmett’s character DI Kieran Shaw and Tahirah Sharif’s PC Lizzie Adama in Tatton Park in Knutsford.

Opening up about that day of filming, Emmett said: “In that park you can see wild animals walking around, deer, all sorts of stuff.

“There is this crazy seven-minute scene that me and Tahirah have and it’s beautifully written. The weather that day was insane.

“We got rain, we got gale-force winds, we got sun – all in any one take.”

He went on to describe it as ‘pure chaos’, before adding: “You add on top of that we also had Buddy the dog in that scene.

The Tower was filmed in and around Liverpool and Manchester
The Tower was filmed in and around Liverpool and Manchester. Picture: ITV

“To be fair, the dog was a star. He smashed all his takes. I can’t say the same for me. That was one of the most challenging scenes but in a very exciting and positive way. I love the challenge.”

Where is The Tower set?

Despite being filmed up north, Producer Patrick Harbison called The Tower ‘a story of a typical London street’.

The bodies of PC Hadley Matthews and 15-year-old Farah Mehenni are found at Portland Tower in south-east London.

Speaking about the setting, Patrick said: “Two families living cheek by jowl -one English white and middle-class, the other Libyan refugees, just settled in the community after two years’ of limbo in hostels and refugee camps.

“And it’s also the story of a typical London police station, whose officers have to deal with that dispute.”