First Minister to update on Wales' lockdown

7 May 2020, 22:02 | Updated: 7 May 2020, 22:05

Mark Drakeford
Mark Drakeford. Picture: Getty

First Minister Mark Drakeford has announce that he'll give an update on the lockdown restrictions in Wales.

He's confirmed that the Welsh Government's cabinet met today to review the current regulations and that he will explain "what this means for Wales" during a press briefing at 12.30pm on Friday 8th May.

It's ahead of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's address to the UK on Sunday evening.

The Welsh Government had already issued a statement to confirm they will communicate any changes to the lockdown in Wales.

They added that anything that may be announced by the Prime Minister on Sunday would apply to England only.

The Welsh Government is responsible for Health in Wales, with the lockdown regulations falling under this area.

The First Minister tweeted on Wednesday that his government would "take the right decision for Wales, based on the latest scientific advice" while earlier Education Minister Kirsty Williams confirmed that schools would not be reopening in June.