Busy skies around RAF Wittering

22 May 2019, 12:13 | Updated: 22 May 2019, 12:16

RAF Wittering

A week-long exercise is underway at RAF Wittering.

Exercise Swift Pirate is underway until the Friday (24th May).

The base says during this period the Station is expected to be visited by C17, A400M and C130 aircraft during daylight hours.

In addition, until tomorrow (Thursday 23 May) a Chinook helicopter crew will be flying at and around RAF Wittering.

As helicopters and transport aircraft produce different kinds of noise from the Station’s normal flying activity, Royal Air Force Wittering is reaching out to its neighbours and the nearby equestrian establishments to inform them of a change to the usual pattern of flying activity.

Wing Commander Nick Maxey is Officer Commanding Operations Wing and is responsible for the safe running of Wittering’s airfield and airspace.

He said: “We have a wonderful airfield here with wide taxiways and a long runway, so it’s absolutely right that we make as much use of it as we can. It’s a real asset to Defence.”

Wing Commander Maxey concluded:

“Keeping our neighbours informed is the right thing to do. We cannot always give notice because military operations often demand an immediate response, but it’s always good to talk when circumstances allow.”