Cambridge asked to make better travel choices

26 February 2019, 18:48 | Updated: 26 February 2019, 18:52

Cambridge Travel Choices

Following the "Big Conversation" about future travel in the Greater Cambridge area and beyond local authorities and investment organisation now want to hear more about how to raise an annual £20m to create a "world class" transport network in Cambridge.

The money could come from a congestion charge or a workplace levy or a pollution charge - or a combination of those and more.
Following the 2017 "Big Conversation" many respondents said a more affordable public transport network, with better availability and reliability, would be of great benefit – with 64% criticising the level of congestion and 42% citing a lack of adequate public transport.
Now residents and workers views are wanted on a range of further issues including:

•    proposals to transform public transport to offer a better alternative to the car.
•    different options for tackling congestion, improving air quality and freeing-up road space.
•    funding a future improved public transport system.

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Pictured: Lewis Herbert leader of Cambridge City Council, Claire Ruskin (CEO Cambridge Network and on the Executive Board of the Greater Cambridge Partnership) and Cllr Aidan van de Weyer