Jude Law's daughter in The Holiday looks totally different now she's grown up!

17 December 2018, 11:14

Sophie was played by seven year old Miffy Englefield
Sophie was played by seven year old Miffy Englefield. Picture: The Holiday

Sophie was played by actress Miffy Englefield in the 2006 Christmas hit, but now she's all grown up and nearly unrecognisable.

It's been twelve years since Jude Law stole the hearts of the world as single dad Graham in The Holiday.

He melted our hearts as the doting father of daughters Sophie and Olivia after their mum passed away.

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Now Miffy Englefield who played Sophie is all grown up and at 19-years-old looks totally unrecognisable from the adorable seven year old who starred in The Holiday.

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She's a far cry from the little girl in a pink cardigan who sweetly invites Cameron Diaz's character inside for a sleepover.

Instead, according to her Instagram account she is a "pint sized punk rocker" that lives in Hampshire in the south of England.

In her Instagram pictures she shows off her rock chick looks with lots of selfies but surprisingly fans still recognise her from her role in The Holiday and have left comments under her photos.

If you're struggling to remember her in the film here's the epic scene where Jude Law's cute kids make a fortresses out of pillows and tents  for their lovely new American step-mother Cameron Diaz (sorry, that's a spoiler, but we can't be held responsible for anybody who has never seen the film. It's a classic!)