Behind the scenes at geothermal pool

28 January 2019, 12:28 | Updated: 28 January 2019, 12:33

Jubilee Pool is recruiting for 2019 - 8 exciting new permanent roles created in Penzance and more to follow as the facility transforms to being open all year round with its new geothermal offering.

The restaurant, which will be twice the size of the previous premises is included in the pool's all-new top terrace redevelopment which will see a brand new building overlooking the award-winning 1930s art deco lido and wonderful views to Mounts Bay. 

The new facility will cater for visitors expected all year round to the pool’s new geothermally heated pool which will be heated up to 35 degrees thanks to a pioneering geothermal well 410m below which taps into the hot granite rocks. 

It is anticipated that the pool will, from this Summer, be open 12 months a year as visitors come to experience geothermal sea water bathing and its associated health benefits. 

The Community Benefit Society which runs the pool raised a staggering £530,000 towards the project from a community share Crowdfunder as well as raising funds from other key organisations such as Power to Change. 

The Co-op Foundation and Architectural Heritage Fund, towards the £1.8M project set to regenerate the local economy in Penzance. 

The new café-restaurant-bar is anticipated to be open from breakfast right through to evening service in peak operation every day. 

As well as keeping their much-loved favourites enjoyed in previous years at the café (such as world-famous Jubilee Pool sausage rolls, pizzas and home made cakes and seasonal Cornish local produce), the new café-restaurant-bar will also be creating a whole new evening dining menu.

It will also have space to cater for parties and hospitality groups.