E bikes on patrol in a town in Cornwall

14 July 2019, 20:56 | Updated: 14 July 2019, 21:31

Newquay police to patrol town's streets on electric bikes over summer period. The battery assistance will allow them to travel greater distances at up to 15mph.

Police officers in Newquay have introduced two new e bikes to their fleet of vehicles.


The two electric bikes have been loaned to the police for the summer season by Clive Mitchell cycles and will be used for patrols across Newquay.


Newquay officers will use the bikes in the same way as normal bicycles however the battery assistance will allow them to travel greater distances, a full charge could last 80 miles and at speeds of up to 15mph.


Over the past two summers we have used Segways on the towns beaches. 


However these were limited to the towns beaches and could not be used on roads.

This summer they will be using e bikes to get out and about and really engage with communities.

Covered in highly florescent jackets it’s hoped to reassure the public about their presence on the streets. 

Recent surveys especially for the summer say that is number one on the public’s priority list. 

With a battery life of several hours, officers will be able to reach rural areas and patrol difficult terrain without becoming fatigued with full body kit that they have to carry. 

No tax, insurance or MoT is required for electronic bikes, and they are very simple to operate.

A bit like the gearing system the e bikes have a turbo control that can have various levels depending on the type of terrain.

Police officers have to complete a simple cycling competence test to use bicycles. 

This same test is required for e bikes.