Breckland Launches App Backed By Stephen Fry

12 February 2019, 15:15 | Updated: 12 February 2019, 15:31

breckworld app

Breckland's got a brand new app to try and encourange more people into the towns in the area.

Backed by Stephen Fry, the 'Breckworld' app is thought to be a world first.
There are videon on it showing local attractions and people can also take part in a virtual treasure hunt which is designed to help families and visitors make the most of their visit while unlocking special offers along the way.
Ryan Baxter, whose technology company created the app told Heart:
"We incentivise them to come back to the towns with rewards, so you have the virtual element to bring them back, the augemted element to entertain them whilst they're there and the rewards to keep them coming back."
"For every 10 stars that you collect you get presented with a list of rewards, that you can choose from, anything from 10 to 50% off discounts to our local attractions. It's all about just continually driving footfall through new technologies."
While filming with businesses in Swaffham, Ryan was put in touch with legendary actor, presenter and comedian Stephen Fry who was excited by the concept and agreed to voice some of the short films, including the app’s introductory film which guides users through the app’s functions.
There are more than 100 virtual stars hidden across the district’s attractions and high streets and can be located using a map within the Breckworld app. Rewards for every 10 stars people collect have been provided by local attractions.
Special offers will also appear when using the app, such as free cake when you buy a coffee in a local independent café, which is designed to support local eateries and encourage visitors into the towns.
Breckland council went into partnership with Ryan Baxter and his technology company, Viewing Online, after he approached Cllr William Nunn last year with the idea to help the district's market towns and businesses, grow.