Extra funding for Norfolk care providers

12 January 2019, 07:22 | Updated: 12 January 2019, 07:25


Care providers based in Norfolk are set to receive more funding so they can look after more people - and do it better.

County councillors are expected to vote through recommendations on Monday to support them with an extra £11.2 million.

The funding will be used to support inflationary pressures and growth to keep the care market sustainable for the future.

The County Council currently purchases almost all adult social care services from the care market, investing more than £280 million annually. 

James Bullion, executive director of adult social services said: "We need to support care providers to increase the amount of care provided in Norfolk, and to improve the quality of care, which has improved but has further to go. This means paying the right fee levels and supporting staff and managers to develop and pursue rewarding careers in the care sector. 

"The recent collapse of national provider Allied Healthcare has highlighted the need to ensure that the provision and management of home care services across the county is robust.

"The care sector has to compete with similarly paid jobs in retail and other sectors and to pay the National Living Wage, which will increase from £7.83 to £8.21 from April 2019. This will represent a 4.85% increase in costs for the Council."

Sanjay Kaushal, joint chairperson of Norfolk Independent Care said: "We very much welcome this rise in fee levels for the care sector. 

"Norfolk Independent Care represents a diverse range of care providers all of whom are operating in a very challenging and difficult environment, so funding is key for stabilising the market. 

"Hopefully, this extra funding will also improve the offer for people considering a career in care." 

The fee level increases will include residential care for older people, with a recommended 11% rise for this service and a 10% rise for residential nursing care.