Man jailed for murder of David Hastings

11 June 2019, 12:56 | Updated: 11 June 2019, 13:30

Rolands Heinbergs

Rolands Heinbergs, aged 23 and of no fixed address, was found guilty of murdering David on Rose Lane in Norwich following a two week trial at Norwich Crown Court yesterday (Monday 10 June 2019).

David, aged 48 and of Long Row in Norwich, had met with a female friend in the city on the evening of Friday 22 June 2018. Later that night they walked down Prince of Wales Road together making a stop at the public toilets on Rose Lane.

Just after midnight on Saturday 23 June, both began to walk away from the toilets when David was stabbed by Heinbergs who had been loitering in the area in an unprovoked attack. David was taken to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital with multiple stab wounds to his neck, chest and abdomen but he sadly died.

Immediately after the attack officers were deployed to search the area and a short time later two officers stopped a man fitting a description of the suspect with blood on his hands. The man was Rolands Heinbergs who made significant comments admitting to the murder.

A murder investigation was launched with detailed searches of the area, forensic examinations of scenes and CCTV recovery. Forensic analysis of the blood on Heinbergs’ hands revealed it contained the DNA of both Heinbergs and David Hastings.

Heinbergs was sentenced to life imprisonment to serve a minimum of 28 years at Norwich Crown Court today (Tuesday 11 June 2019).

Temporary Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Chapman said: “This was such a shocking and appalling crime committed by Heinbergs and one where he has shown absolutely no remorse. David and his friend were simply going about their own business when Heinbergs launched into this wholly unprovoked attack giving David no chance at all, even with the best efforts of those giving medical help on the night. There was no reason for it and still today he has given no explanation for why he did this. Heinbergs, who is clearly a dangerous individual, was arrested quickly on the night and today’s sentence will ensure he remains off any street for a very long time.

“Our thoughts are with David’s family and friends who have lost him in such terrible circumstances and whilst it is still unknown what triggered Heinbergs to act in this violent and senseless way, I hope this sentence will go some way in helping them during this difficult time.”