Dr Hilary shares easy soap hack to stop your glasses steaming up under face masks

17 July 2020, 10:50 | Updated: 6 December 2020, 11:08

Dr Hilary Jones shares simple soap tip to stop glasses steaming up under face masks

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Dr Hilary has revealed an easy hack which could stop your glasses from steaming up while you're wearing a face mask.

With face masks becoming mandatory in shops and supermarkets for all UK residents as of next Monday (July 24), Dr Hilary has offered a handy tip for people who wear glasses.

If you have a pair of specs, you’ll probably understand the struggles of your warm breath creating condensation on the lenses.

And Michael Gove was even spotted out and about with his glasses steamed up this week, 67-year-old Dr Hilary revealed how to stop this from happening using soap.

Dr Hilary appeared on GMB to talk about face masks
Dr Hilary appeared on GMB to talk about face masks. Picture: ITV

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, he told hosts Charlotte Hawkins and Adil Ray: “So you wear your glasses outside of the mask, so you don’t get the steam from your breath steaming up the inside of your glasses.

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“And you have previously dipped glasses in soapy water and allowed them to dry naturally.

“That gives a sort of anti-fog effect which is temporary, but it’s worth having anyway.”

This comes after it was announced that the whole of the UK must wear masks in shops and enclosed spaces to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Under the new rules, anyone who is caught ignoring this could face a £100 fine.

Michael Gove was seen with his glasses steamed up
Michael Gove was seen with his glasses steamed up. Picture: PA Images

But with the changes not coming into force until 24 July, Dr Hilary recently blasted the government's decision to wait, saying it makes ‘no logistical sense’.

Speaking on Tuesday’s GMB, he blasted: “Why don’t we do it now? 11 days’ time doesn’t make any logical sense.

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“If we’re going to use face coverings in the shops, do it now, while the virus is still fairly prevalent. Why wait 11 days?”

He went on: “11 days’ time – it’s better than nothing, but it should be done now.”

Dr Hilary on govt's 11-day wait to make masks mandatory - 'It should be now'

Defending the government, Ben said: “Well they argue that we can’t just drop this on everybody.

“We can’t just drop this on shops, we’ve got to give them enough time to get stocks in, just in case people turn up, because they don’t want to turn away their customers who haven’t been able to come to the shops, because they haven’t got a face mask.”

Dr Hilary then hit back: “Well, remember we’re not talking about [masks], we’re talking face coverings, which are easy to manufacture.

“Anybody can produce a face covering within a few moments of leaving before they leave home. It’s a bandana, it’s a scarf, it’s something simply made.

“It isn’t rocket science and actually we really need to approach doing this more because, simply because, people aren’t socially distancing.”

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