Dr Hilary urges Brits to take staycations this year as he warns of air-bridges

10 July 2020, 16:53

The TV doctor has said staycations are a safe option
The TV doctor has said staycations are a safe option. Picture: Getty

The This Morning doctor spoke to Heart.co.uk about lockdown and his thoughts on holidaying at the moment.

Dr Hilary Jones has urged Brits to stay at home this year and to enjoy everything we have in Britain as opposed to taking breaks abroad.

The doctor and TV personality for ITV's This Morning has spoken to Heart.co.uk about the holidaying experience at the moment, and whether or not he thinks the current air bridges we have in place are a good idea.

Heart spoke to Dr Hilary about holidaying
Heart spoke to Dr Hilary about holidaying. Picture: Heart.co.uk

The star revealed: "Well I think it's all well to talk about air bridges, but my feeling is that we've largely created this idea to stimulate the economy.

"I'm not convinced that air travel is conducive to keeping the virus transmission down, you're in an enclosed space with lots of people who can't socially distance."

He continue: "And whilst they can wear masks and use hand sanitiser, it's not risk free and there will be restrictions at the airports either end.

"At the moment we have a muddled guideline on where you would need to quarantine, and the experience abroad will be different to the way we remember it"

The doctor isn't convinced by air travel at the moment
The doctor isn't convinced by air travel at the moment. Picture: Getty

As well as this Dr Hilary explained that holidays abroad might not be at the forefront of many's minds.

He added: "for many, judging by a survey conducted by Willerby Holiday Homes of 2,000 people, a lot said I'd much prefer to take regular short trips here at home where I'm closer to home and won't have to worry about money rather than travelling abroad, worrying about insurance and wether it covers you and about virus safety.

"I do think a staycation this year is a good idea for many people."

When asked if he will be going on a staycation this year, Dr Hilary answered: "I will, I'm definitely doing it, I'm just about to book up somewhere, either Pembrokeshire, Lake District or Cornwall".