Peter Andre reveals wife Emily had coronavirus but they didn't tell their children

22 June 2020, 17:51

Emily battled the virus earlier this year
Emily battled the virus earlier this year. Picture: Instagram

The junior doctor fell ill earlier this year but it was recently confirmed that she did have COVID-19 for certain.

Peter Andre's medic wife Emily has recently found out that she did indeed have coronavirus and battled the virus earlier in the year after testing positive for antibodies.

Emily, 30, works as a junior doctor at a hospital in Surrey, and she fell ill at the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

Despite their mother's illness, the couple decided it would be best to keep her illness from their young children.

Peter and his wife have two children together, Theo and Amelia, and Peter's children from his previous marriage to Katie Price, Junior and Princess also live at the home.

Earlier in the year, Emily suffered from a number of coronavirus symptoms including a sore throat, muscle aches and loss of taste and smell.

Emily Andre says she has settled into a routine with Pete Andre and Katie Price's children

Since then, Peter revealed they decided not to tell their children because they didn't want to worry them.

In an episode of their new YouTube reality show, the father said that they now know for definitely that Emily had COVID-19.

On the show, Peter says: "He says: "There's excellent news that you got your antibody test and that you're positive."

Emily the says: "To be honest we thought it would be... it means that my body has mounted an immune response to the COVID-19 virus at some point in the past.

"It means I had it."

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She continued: "I felt a bit under, I had a bit of a sore throat my glands were up.

"The bizarre thing was the taste and smell - I've never experienced that with any other virus."