Will there be a season 3 of The Politician and will Payton run for VP in the Netflix series?

9 July 2020, 18:09

The show is set to return for a third season and we can't wait
The show is set to return for a third season and we can't wait. Picture: Netflix

The popular Netflix show has been a hit with fans of shows such as Glee, Riverdale and other teen dramas.

The Politician's second season was an amazing follow-up to the first, as we saw main character Payton Hobart (played by Ben Platt) head to college at NYU and decide to run for state senate.

There might be a few spoilers up ahead so if you haven't yet finished the second season... Look away now.

The Politician has had everyone hooked on Netflix
The Politician has had everyone hooked on Netflix. Picture: Netflix

Will there be a third season of the Politician?

So it's good news as the third season of the Ryan Murphy series has been confirmed.

Netflix renewed the show for yet another series, however, it will indeed be the last one.

This has been expected since the start as the show was originally pitched as a three-season run.

What will happen in S3?

Season two ended with Payton winning his spot as the New York senator following a hefty campaign.

Despite Dede Standish (Judith Light) backing out in the end, it was revealed that the missing votes actually stated in Payton's favour and had Infinity Jackson (Zoey Deutsch) not taken the box - he would've won the old-fashioned way.

Payton and his team will be back for more
Payton and his team will be back for more. Picture: Netflix

After a few ups and downs, Payton and partner Alice (Julia Schlaepfer), ended up married and with a son, and we fast-forwarded two years into the future.

Payton's team were all eager for him to announce his run in a different race after a successful few years in his position in New York, but the typically ambitious politician had seemingly settled in his role and with his new family.

Of course, the show wouldn't have anywhere to go if that was the case, which is why the cliffhanger right at the end of the finale leads us perfectly into season three.

Dede had paired up with Payton's mum, Georgina Hobart (Gwyneth Paltrow) in a presidential run, and had won (honestly, this show reaches so much), and asked if Payton would like to step in as her VP when she runs for president herself in a few years.

Payton's decision never made it into the episode and the show cut to the closing credits before we had a chance to find out... But let's be honest, we know what he said.

Payton's run for VP will be the theme of S3
Payton's run for VP will be the theme of S3. Picture: Netflix

Who will return for series three?

There's no set list for who will return for S3 yet, but it's likely the majority of the cast will return.

Some characters such as Andrew or Infinity might not be relevant to the storyline, but Payton, Alice, McAfee, James, Skye, Georgina, Dede, Haddassah and Payton's son, Archie are all still important.

No date has been confirmed for season three and we don't have any set-in-store details other than it is happening.

The show's creator Ryan Murphy has stated that he would possibly like to have a gap of a few years before filming the final season (noooo), as he'd like the actor Ben Platt to get a bit older to fit the role, as he's only 26 at the moment in real life.