Colchester runner takes on 19 marathons in a year

22 May 2019, 09:13 | Updated: 22 May 2019, 09:19

A runner from Colchester has set himself the massive challenge of completing 19 marathons this year.

Fraser Lewis from Mile End told Heart he was originally planning on doing 12.

He said: "I got chatting to a friend, and she just - off the cuff - she said to me, 'Why don't you 19 in 2019? It sounds much better.'

"And I kind of scoffed at her a bit, and went 'yeah, yeah', but the seed was planted at that point."

Fraser has already completed his eight marathon of the year.

He's raising funds for the Tom Bowdidge Youth Cancer Foundation and a local hospice.

"My mum had breast cancer several years ago," Fraser added.

"Fortunately she's now in remission which is fantastic, and the Tom Bowdidge Foundation obviously is for teenagers, and I thought it'd be good to see how it can really support them."