Greater Anglia trains in Essex have improved their punctuality

26 February 2019, 16:55 | Updated: 26 February 2019, 16:57

Greater Anglia train

Trains on the Great Eastern Main Line through Colchester have been running on time more since the beginning of the year.

Greater Anglia have improved performance on their train lines with over 90% of routes running on time in January 2019.
The Norwich-Ipswich-Colchester-London line managed to get trains stopping and picking up on time 91.8% of the time.
The company has invested more than £20 million into a programme to improve reliability and achieve more consistent punctuality on their services.
Managing Director of Greater Anglia, Jamie Burles told Heart:
"We were pleased to see performance improve in January, as we know how important this is for our customers.
Network Rail is focusing on reducing the most disruptive faults with tracks, overhead lines and signals, removing temporary speed restrictions and getting the railway running back to normal more quickly when delays do occur. They are also investing significant sums to improve reliability of the track, signalling and wires.
The introduction of our brand-new fleet of trains will further help in making the service more resilient, as the current eight different types of train will be replaced with just three types, making them easier to maintain. 
The general trends are in the right direction and we expect to see further progress over the weeks and months ahead."
Greater Anglia was recently awarded a Golden Whistle Award for 'Best Performance' for its intercity services.
The intercity trains running on the Great Eastern Main Line through Colchester have had their best punctuality result since last May, with almost 90% of trains being punctual.