See A Penny Pick It Up

7 January 2019, 15:37


The Dogs Trust is celebrating their first puppy to find a forever home in 2019.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross Penny arrived at the charity’s rehoming centre in Basildon at 8 weeks old, just days before Christmas, after being purchased via an online classified advertising website.

Dogs Trust is now asking people to be cautious when purchasing dogs via adverts on online sites as they can be used as a cover for unscrupulous sellers, who are often pedalling sick or illegally imported puppies.

Lisa Cooper, Rehoming Centre Manager said:

"Penny is just one of the many puppies we see bought online before Christmas, but we are pleased that her owners came to us when they realised they might not be able to give Penny the right home. Sometimes people don't appreciate how big a responsibility a puppy is, and we ask everyone to really research everything that comes with dog ownership before bringing one into their homes."

Last year Dogs Trust Basildon rehomed more than 700 dogs.