Over 120 million rats to invade British homes as rodent population is forced above ground after heavy rain

9 October 2019, 11:00

Rats will be making their way into UK homes
Rats will be making their way into UK homes. Picture: PA

There's estimated to be around twice as many rats as there are humans in Britain.

Those with rat phobias should look away now, as reports have stated that the UK will be hit with a stampede of 120 million rodents as the weather continues to get colder.

The torrential rain has forced the unbelievable amount of rats to the surface as they are now on the lookout for food and a warmer place to call home.

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Rats are heading into homes in search of food
Rats are heading into homes in search of food. Picture: PA

This is mainly as the families are searching for a place to nest as female rats will give birth to between six and 12 babies.

It's estimated that there are around double the amount of rats in the UK than there are humans - with about 66 million of us living in Britain.

Rats are known as quite dirty vermin, carrying a multitude of diseases and have the ability to chew through electric cabled and through beams of houses - which understandably causes a lot of damage to people's homes.

Clean kill Pest Control technician Paul Bates has warned homeowners to block any noticeable gaps in brickwork and clear out cupboards and not leave food out to help prevent any rat infestations.

There's an estimates 120 million rats in the UK
There's an estimates 120 million rats in the UK. Picture: PA

He told The Sun: "Recent heavy rain has forced many rats above ground.

“There is lots of food around for rats at the moment, with ripe fruit and crops from harvesting, so the rat population is peaking at the moment.

“As it gets colder, however, as it is now, rats will move closer to food supplies indoors and for somewhere warm to nest – that means people’s homes.”

And he also added the terrifying statement: “No house is completely rodent-proof.”

According to Paul, people in his profession tend to see a 30-40 per cent increase in callouts that are rat-related.

Some weather forecasters have predicted a freezing cold winter, which could attract millions of rats to homes

Brits are being told to take action now before the rats find their way into homes across the country.