Three products to revolutionise your beauty routine on a budget

23 May 2019, 07:55 | Updated: 23 May 2019, 08:08

These three beauty must-haves will revolutionise your routine - and not break the bank
These three beauty must-haves will revolutionise your routine - and not break the bank. Picture: Heart

By Nicola Bonn

You don't always need to spend a lot to get amazing results from your skincare. Here are some excellent skincare products that should probably cost a lot more then they do.

I love discovering amazing skincare products that don't cost the earth and so good that they manage to out perform their far more expensive equivalents.

These products are all outstanding and won't break the bank!

Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum, £40, buy here

Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum is a good investment - a little goes a long way
Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum is a good investment - a little goes a long way. Picture: Press shot

Vogue named this serum one of the top 15 anti-ageing products and it was a best-seller at John Lewis.

This brilliant serum was formulated by some of the best cosmetic scientists in the country and is brimming with incredible ingredients including Omega 3’s with anti-inflammatory Stearidonic Acid, multi molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid, plant stem cells, minerals (Zinc, Magnesium, Iron, Copper and Silica), Turmeric and deep sea enzymes.

Use this serum in the mornings and evenings after cleansing and before moisturising and you should see an improvement in the appearance of your winkles and fine lines, radiance, elasticity, dark spots and hydration levels.

I'm a huge fan and like beauty blogger extraordinaire Caroline Hirons, I think this serum is worth a lot more than £40.

Balance Me Vitamin C Repair Serum, £32, buy here

balance Me Vitamin C Repair Serum
balance Me Vitamin C Repair Serum. Picture: press/brand

This brilliant serum recently won a much coveted award at the "Oscars of the beauty industry", the CEW Beauty Awards.

What makes it so special is the fact that it contains stabilised vitamin c which allows this brilliant ingredient to penetrate the skin slowly and effectively. Vitamin C is a very unstable ingredient and certain products may contain it but won't have an effective way of getting it to actually reach your skin.

It also contains hydrolysed hyaluronic acid which will boost your skins hydration and moisture levels dramatically.

All in all, this is a very well made product that will reduce pigmentation, increase your glow and the brightness of your skin and is a pleasure to use.

The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5%, £11.90, buy here

The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5%
The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 5%. Picture: press/brand

If your skin is struggling with your retinol swap it for The Ordinary's Granactive Retinoid.

This great formula shouldn't cause you any sensitivity and will give you all the pro-ageing benefits of a more expensive retinol. You really can't go wrong!

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