Jessica Alba just revealed the most GENIUS concealer hack, and it'll change your life

9 September 2019, 17:16 | Updated: 5 December 2019, 16:44

The stunner has revealed one of her top makeup tips
The stunner has revealed one of her top makeup tips. Picture: Instagram/YouTube
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

The stunning star gave away some of her top natural makeup tips in a video for British Vogue.

Hollywood actress Jessica Alba always looks absolutely flawless, there's no doubt about that.

In a video for British Vogue, the 38-year-old revealed some of her beauty secrets as she did a natural makeup tutorial, and we will undoubtedly be taking all of them on board.

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Jessica gave away some of her best tips for natural makeup
Jessica gave away some of her best tips for natural makeup. Picture: YouTube

The five-minute long tutorial sees the mum-of-three guide us through her usual day-to-day look, and we've picked up some amazing tips.

Jessica explained that she usually moisturises her skin and mixes in an illuminating primer for a natural, glow and hydrated base.

She uses a strange-looking electrical device to help massage in the skincare products, and also gives herself a rather rigorous facial massage, which helps circulate the blood flow in her face.

The star also noted that the key to amazing natural looking base is to "choose tones and colours that aren't too far from your skin tone".

Jessica then went on to share one simple but effective tip to reduce cakey under-eyes and shine.

After applying her base of foundation and concealer, Jessica grabs a small cotton bud, dips it in a balm and buffs out the concealer from around her underlies, which helps with minimising creasing.

She also likes to apply a bit of mattifying primer lightly on a sponge over her most prone-to-be-oily areas instead of using a powder, as it'll look a whole lot less cake.

Well if it helps us look anything like Jessica, we'll be taking all of her tips on board and trying them all out tomorrow morning!