New gadget promises the END of smudged mascara on your eyelids

16 November 2018, 11:53

Is there anything more annoying than smudging your mascara when you've spent ages perfecting it? That might soon be a thing of the past...

Smudging your mascara after doing your make-up just right can be a real-life nightmare for most beauty lovers.

Especially when you've got the arduous task of trying to clean up the smudged mascara without ruining your handy work.

But make-up fans may have found the solution to this age old problem - a lash guard.

Created by beauty brand Woosh, not only is the lash guard designed to make mascara smudges a thing of the past, but the handy make-up tool can alo help separate lashes too.

The new tool which has been praised by the British Beauty Council earlier this week, was released this year and can be used on the bottom lashes as well.

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Smudged mascara is one beauty fail we could all live without
Smudged mascara is one beauty fail we could all live without. Picture: Getty

Sharing the lash shield on their Instagram the British Beauty Council wrote: 'britbeautycouncil Loves innovation - it's one of the three pillars we support as part of our strategy to champion the British beauty industry - so our hearts leapt when we spotted a Mascara Shield by @whooshbeauty'

Not only are the British Beauty Council fans of the product, but make-up fanatics seem to love it too with one person commenting: 'Omg I'm always messing up with mascara this would be amazing.'

The mascara shield comes in at £6.13 ($8) on the website.

Would you use this tool?

Links to lash shield pics:

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